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Why Crawl Spaces Get Wet & How To Repair A Wet Crawl Space


We know how bad it can be to notice water coming into your crawl space, or to discover that the entire crawl space has been flooded. You start to question the integrity of your crawl space, how save it is, and whether your home is at risk of much more serious problems.

Some articles online may try to convince you that repairing a wet crawl space is easy. Sometimes, they are right. If its a superficial problem, chances are it will be easy to repair. Unfortunately, you have to be extremely careful about the method you use to repair your crawl space. There are some very well known sources online advocating the use of waterproofing sealants or concrete to “patch” your crawl space. The problem is, we have never seen a patch effectively retain water for a long period of time. Its like putting a band-aid on a damn to stop a water leak. Or taping a pepsi bottle with a hole in it. The only difference, rains exerts thousands of tons of pressure, so you’re dealing with a much bigger problem.

The reason why most crawl spaces get wet is called “hydrostatic pressure”. This is basically a force of mother nature. And the best way to compete with this force, is to not compete with it all all. The better solution is to manage it in an automated way. So you can fix a wet or leaky crawlspace in New Jersey, commonly with the use of a sump pump and some pipe installed in the ground. Keep in mind, that you have to think for the future. Waterproofing is not as basic as it sounds. Just because your system should work properly in theory, does not mean it will work that way a year down the road. Dirt, debree, powerful storms, floods, increased corrosion, shifting, cracking, freezing, thawing, will all exert strain on the system over the years. Waterproofing companies tend to go through many different pump suppliers, before they find a pump that lasts for the long term. And they will usually use the same pump in all of their systems. They learn overtime what size and types of pipes work best. Then the hundreds of little tricks they use to make their waterproofing systems last for a lifetime.

So you have to ask yourself… is it worth having a professional doing it? To never worry about it again?

That is a question only you can answer. But if you have any questions about waterproofing a crawlspace, and live in New Jersey, feel free to call Sunbeam Basements at – 732 – 201 – 2257!

-The Sunbeam Team


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