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Crawl Space Flood Dangers


If your crawl space has recently been damage by a storm surge, or heavy rains, you must proceed with the utmost caution. If anyone has been injured, you should seek medical care immediately. In many cases, homeowners think a home is safe because it “looks safe”. Entering the crawl space of a home, can lead to you being trapped, walls can collapse, and you can risk electrocution when exposed wires become buried under water.

After you have made sure that noone has been injured, the next thing you need to do is call a professional who can clear your home. There is a serious threat of electrocution in flood damaged crawl spaces and you don’t even have to be by water for it to happen. The mere act of touching a wet surface can lead to electrocution, so please be as careful as possible.


You also need to be careful if you approach the property from the outside of the home. Sometimes after a flood, lots of sand can leach into a crawl space or basement, and leave hollow cavities outside the home. These cavities can become filled with water that holds sand and dirt on the surface. These types of cavities are called “sink holes” and are extremely dangerous to be around. A very small disturbance can cause the surface to break (like a partially frozen lake) and you can fall into a very deep sink hole. So please proceed with caution. Look for wet areas around the outside of the home. You have no idea if wires inside the home are conducting currents outside the home. So again, call a professional, never enter any property (inside or out) that has not been cleared by a team of professionals.


Once you have been cleared of injuries, and the home has been deemed as safe, you can proceed to call a waterproofing company who will conduct an analysis on the property. Keep in mind, that after severe floods or natural disasters, many people panic to get their homes fixed as quickly as possible. They will often rush into decisions, they won’t research a company properly, and can find themselves legally bound to a contract that they can’t pull out of. So take your time. It is natural to want problems fixed as soon as possible, but you don’t want to wind up getting scammed because you didn’t take the time to research a company. In the end, if you have any questions about basement waterproofing, crawl space or foundation repair, feel free to call our company at your earliest convenience.

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