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Crawl Space DIY Repair


If your crawl space has been severely damaged, and authorized personnel has cleared it for entrance, you may wish to start fixing problems on your own. But please keep in mind, although your crawl space may be deemed mostly safe, nobody can tell you how safe it really is. A flooded or damaged crawlspace may be contaminated with chemicals, rodents, feces, sewage, sharp debris, and hidden wires that were not visible by the clearance team. So once you reenter your home or crawl space, take your time and do your own thorough inspection. It would be helpful to carry a wooden stick with you and poke and move things around. Watch out for rodents and sharp debris. If you see wires, make sure you have shut off the fuse box. If you are unsure about anything, for your own safety contact a professional.


Before you start working, you should always call a friend or family member who can help you out. If you believe the problem is something so small that you can remedy it yourself, its still a smart idea to have a second person nearby. This way they can monitor things and watch out for accidents as you’re working. If anything happens in a crawlspace, and you’re alone, this is the worst scenario anyone can be in. So please find someone who can assist you and always keep a phone nearby.


While working in the crawl space keep water nearby along with a first aid kit. After major storms, a lot of people make the mistake of bringing a radio into the crawl space so they can listen to news developments as they work. But please keep in mind why this isn’t such a good idea. If you have a radio blasting, you won’t be able to hear warning signs like the hissing of a broken gas pipe, or the sound of a discharging electrical current (which will make a soft humming sound). In the end, if the problem is just to big to handle on your own, and you have any questions about fixing a crawl space, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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