Crawlspace Waterproofing

Nobody Likes To Go Into The Crawlspace..

You may notice in some scary movies, that there is always at least one scene where the main character walks into the basement or crawlspace. The music will forecast that something dark and scary is about to happen. This experience is eerily similar to what many NJ homeowners deal with anytime it rains. They hear the music of the rain, and slowly begin to suspect that water is creeping into their crawlspace or basement.

So what do they do? They don’t call anyone for help. They walk into the crawlspace alone, to be greeted by a …. small pond of water. They glaze out upon the surface of the water, and see movement under the water. It is a cricket? A mouse? A fish? In my flooded crawlspace? It can’t be so.

At any rate, crawlspace waterproofing is very common for homes in NJ. You need to keep in mind that once these issues start, they don’t tend to go away on their own. The problem then becomes, that the homeowner has no idea how to actually fix the problem. There are many ways to remedy a flooded crawlspace, and 90% of the methods only provide short term results (if any).

If you plan on “waterproofing” your crawlspace with waterproofing sealants sold at Lowes or Home Depot, you may wish to read about how these sealants actually work. A waterproofing sealant can be applied to a leaky window, or a small crack in the roof, but the crawlspace of a home is a completely different environment. Anything that rests below grade level (the level of the dirt outside your home) like your crawlspace or basement, are especially troublesome to waterproof. There is a technique where a company can excavate dirt from around the perimeter of your home, and reseal all the surfaces with tar.  This is technically the correct way to waterproof. But it is typically too expensive for most NJ homeowners.

That is why if you need crawlspace waterproofing, Sunbeam basements offers alternative strategies, that are both permanent and cost-effective. Our company is fully licensed, insured & BBB accredited. Feel free to contact our senior waterproofing inspector by calling:



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