Facts About Waterproofing in New Jersey ( NJ )

Why triggers my basement to get wet?

In most circumstances a basement will get flooded after a heavy rain. Especially during the spring and summer seasons, the increase of rain will keep the ground saturated. This water flows around the outside of your home, and the immense pressure caused by the rain will corrode your foundation walls. Don’t forget, a seemingly small amount of rain can weigh thousands of tons once it all saturated the ground. This weight exerts a ton of pressure on your foundation walls. Its almost like trying to push a balloon down in a pull. The deeper the balloon goes, the harder it is to keep it under. With your basement, the water is literally trying to push its way into the empty space in your basement. Overtime, depending on how your home was constructed, water can get in and flood the basement.

How common are wet basements in NJ?

Wet basements in NJ are extremely common. You have to consider 2 main factors here. First, there are weather patterns and geographical landscapes. New Jersey tends to run parallel to the jet stream most of the year. This is becoming more of an issue in recent years, which has lead to increase of storm systems running directly over NJ. Blocking highs over Iceland tend to stop these systems from moving out to sea.

The second factor is that only 10% of homes in New Jersey have solid foundations. Solid foundations may be expensive, but they are much heavier, and much less likely to allow water to leak. Because 90% of NJ homes have hollow cavity walls, water only has to penetrate through a small crack, and it can flow directly into the cavities of your walls. Overtime as water flows and builds up more pressure, the cracks become large, gaps start to form, and leaks in the basement become a lot more common. It is estimated that approximately 90% of homes in New Jersey will develop a leaky basement at some point.

How can I tell when its time to waterproof my basement?

This is a hard question to answer. The main reason is because of money and the fact that waterproofing is not cheap. The right time to waterproof a basement is the second you notice water coming through. Even in situations where water has not yet come through the walls, you may still need your basement waterproofed. The reasoning is simple. Although water leakage is the more obvious problem, the much more serious issue is the integrity of your foundation. When any amount of water, cracks, or shifting blocks goes ignored for a long enough period of time, you can wind up with structural failure. If you think waterproofing a basement is expensive, or crawlspace & foundation repair, think again. Because the earlier you get it done, the cheaper it will be. The longer its put off, the more serious problems become, and the more expensive it is to fix it. In stage 5 of a leaky basement, foundations collapse, and sometimes homes have to be knocked down and rebuilt. So any amount of water in your basement should be taken as a serious problem.


What should I watch our for when choosing a NJ waterproofing contractor?

Do not rush! We can’t say it enough. It is very important you get this problem fixed. But please do not rush into this on an emotional whim. Here is something we see a lot that gets homeowners in trouble. They get a heavy rain for the umpteenth time. So they are up all night with a wet dry vac trying to drain water. They wake up the following day sleep deprived, anxious, angry, and decide they need to get the problem fixed immediately. So they wind up signing a contract with the first company they call.

This is a major mistake! The waterproofing industry is plagued with unethical service providers. There are companies charging ridiculous prices, overcharging, charging for services they’re not even providing, over promising and under delivering, not offering warranties, using the wrong types of pipes, the wrong types of pumps etc etc all to save money.

Do not ever assume that a company can be trusted just because you spoke to them over the phone and they sound “polite”. That is precisely how most scams are started in the first place. Always check their online reviews, it takes 2 minutes to do. Check their credentials. Read our website so you are aware when someone is installing a faulty drainage system. It is extremely common for systems to break 2-3 years after they’re installed, the customer calls the company back and they don’t pick up. Or they later find out that 1 inch pipes were used when 4 inch pipes are the industry standard.

In conclusion, a lot can go wrong. So please use your head and do your homework.

If you have any questions you can reach our senior waterproofing inspector directly at – 732-201-2257!

-The Sunbeam Team

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