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Waterproofing Contractors vs General Contractors

If you need to have your basement waterproofed then you should understand the difference between a waterproofing contractor and a general contractor. A basement waterproofing contractor in New Jersey will have special training in how to deal with a flooded basement. He will have a background in basement engineering, defect mold litigation, waterproofing systems design, and industry standard protocol for handling flooded basements.

General Contractors Can Not Typically Waterproof A Basement

There are a lot of contractors in New Jersey who would like you to believe that anyone can waterproof a basement. This is simply not true. General contractors are usually the reason that basements get flooded in the first place. Cheap materials are used to construct the foundation, the property is not graded properly, or the home is built with known issues that are never addressed because it would be too expensive.A general contractor might tell you that he can waterproof your basement for a lower cost. He might even seem knowledgeable about the process that is involved. However, we have seen it in our daily lives the amount of problems that are caused when he waterproofing system is installed the wrong way. Sometimes the wrong pipes are used, sometimes not enough cleanouts are used, sometimes the wrong type of stone is used…. either way there is a long list of things that can go wrong. The unfortunate thing is you will not be aware of any these problems until a year or 2 down the road.

Waterproofing Contractors Undergo Specialized Training in Basement Engineering

Believe it or not there is a very specific set of standards might comes to building a basement. Although basements come in many different shapes and sizes, there are many standard rules and codes that must be followed when building a basement. Since basements are very prone to water leakage and mold growth, certain precautions must be taken into consideration. A common problem we see in this industry is when the outside of foundation walls are sealed with a very thin layer of tar. It takes a lot of tar to properly seal the outside of your foundation walls. Many times a general contractor will only put on a very thin layer. Although this tar layer is suppose to last up to 30 years, its lifespan can be reduced dramatically if it is not applied appropriately.

Strict Deadlings & Fast Tracked Homes Typically Lead To Structural Malignancies

These days a lot of homes are fast tracked and built under strict deadlines. These deadlines lead to a lot of structural malignancies that do not become realized until years after the home is sold. If you are thinking about buying a home the most important thing you can do is have the foundation inspected by a credible waterproofing company.


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