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Anatomy of a Wet Basement – “Genes vs Environment”


As a NJ homeowner, these are answers you need to know, to questions you may have never considered before.


Granted, a home does not have “genes” per say, but it certainly contains its own gene-like makeup. The way your NJ home was built can roughly predict the pathology of your home decades into the future. Basement waterproofing and crawlspace waterproofing are often needed due to faulty engineering, a home being fast tracked, or contractors using cheap materials and unqualified personnel during the construction of your home.

The fact is, there are many reasons why waterproofing problems can spring into action. A qualified waterproofing inspector can often tell if a home will have water issues, after a thorough examination. Before water problems even begin, they can identify weaknesses in the build of your home.

This is also the reason why you should never hire a general contractor to repair your wet basement. Just because someone says they can install a french drain, does not mean it will be installed properly. In certain circumstances, regrading your property will be the only thing that can stop water from getting into your basement. Yet some waterproofing companies continue to go for the “easy sell”, while consciously neglecting more serious problems. If the shingles on your roof are starting to break down, it doesn’t make sense to install a waterproofing system. If the frame that supports your roof is becoming weak and saturated, again, there is no point to install a waterproofing system. Yet we see so many cases like this where waterproofing systems are installed as the end all, fix all solution to any issue where water is getting into the home.

The reality is, it doesn’t matter whether its your home, or the land surrounding your home, that is causing this issue. What matters most is that you find a credible waterproofing company who can pinpoint exactly what the problem is. We’ve seen waterproofing companies in New Jersey recommend a system because of a leaky window in the basement. The water was getting inside the bricks, and they saw an opportunity to sell a $14,000 system.

If there is one thing our company prides itself on, its how often we turn down work. Getting water in your home doesn’t mean you will require a waterproofing system. Please repeat that last sentence in your head over and over. The anatomy of a wet basement, can be as complex as the anatomy of the human body. ¬†You should always seek to retrieve multiple estimates and never deal with a company who tries to scare you. The only thing a waterproofing inspector should be focused on is finding the source of the water in your home. You have a big enough problem to deal with, and the last thing you need is some fly-by-night company trying to scare you into a contract agreement.

Whether its “genes or environment”, you can guarantee that Sunbeam will find the source of your leaky basement or crawlspace. We will explain in careful detail our recommendations for fixing it. And we will do all of this without charging you a penny. No high pressure sales tactics will be used, only the most honest and respectful of waterproofing inspectors. If you have any questions about the anatomy of your home, and what can be done to repair your wet basement, then call us right away! We are by our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your calls.



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