Basement Waterproofing in New Jersey

Most of the time basement waterproofing is needed after a heavy rain. This is when most New Jersey homeowners are reminded to fix the problem. However, because it doesn’t rain every day is very easy to neglect a serious problem in your basement. When a basement is flooded over and over for a long period of time this breaks down concrete input your entire home at jeopardy. It also allows harmful mold and fungus to breed and makes your home softer for termites.

Why Is Waterproofing So Important For Your Basement?

Basement waterproofing is so important because it is outright dangerous to have water in a home. The average homeowner does not realize how dangerous it is to have a flooded basement. There is easily over 100 reasons why a basement should be waterproof. One fact to consider is that most basements have outlets. So when a basement gets flooded and a homeowner walks into the basement they put themselves at risk for electrocution. Although this is very unlikely to happen, there are much more common things to worry about.

Water in your basement often means that blocks are shifting or cracking. It may also mean that the land that surrounds your home is soft in contains pockets of water. Sometimes these soft pockets of water can turn into sinkholes. So a flooded basement could be the red flag for a much more serious problem. It could merely mean that your foundation blocks are beginning to break down. A flooded basement could mean that you have a leak in your roof! It could mean anything. But the most important thing you can do is contact a qualified waterproofing company.

A Flooded Basement Will Make A Home Impossible To Sell.

We see it all the time. A homeowner is trying to sell their home and they decide to fix their flooded basement problems at the last minute. This is very common and we recommend that you do not make this mistake. Because it is typically less expensive to rectify these issues prior to selling a home. Once a home buyer realizes that the home has problems they won’t just recommend that it’s fixed immediately, but they will also try to negotiate down the price. So you lose money in more than one way. If you just got the problem fixed immediately than they would have no reason to negotiate down the price.

If Basement Waterproofing is Continually Put Off, Prepare For An Expensive Problem.

This is not to scare you. But the fact remains that the majority of people wind up putting off these types of problems. In doing so they wind up raising the costs of repairs. The longer that your home is exposed to moisture, the longer your foundation is exposed to water, the more expensive this problem is going to get.

Basement waterproofing will not make your basement immune to water. And it is not our goal to make your basement immune to water. The goal of basement waterproofing is to manage and redirect water outside your home. Water that comes into the home is directed underneath the subfloor is in your basement and redirected outside to a sewer drain. Weep holes are drilled into your foundation to keep the inside of your walls dry. Sometimes depending on the severity of the problem the foundation walls may need to be reinforced with concrete. But most of the time a standard water management system can rectify the problem.

Sincerely – The Subeam Team